Wheaton Controversy Reminds Us What Is Distinctive About Christianity: Jesus

There seems to be a conversation going on in some parts of the Christian and Moslem communities about how Christianity and Islam are faiths that are following the same God. This has been highlighted by a professor at an evangelical Christian university. The cultural conversation today seems to be revolve around the perceived need to accommodate all faiths. The problem with this is that Jesus does not fit into these other faiths. Scott McKnight does a good job of outlining the issues and what differentiates Christianity from Islam. Jesus is the stumbling stone. There is no philosophical way to get around this except to ignore Him completely.

How Do We Live In A Society That Is Increasingly Adverse To Christianity?

In America we are devolving into a post-Christian culture that is slowly moving to dismiss Christianity and, discount cialis help even more challenging, to characterize it as something harmful to people who are exposed to it. How do we respond as Christians? Francis Chan, tadalafil a California pastor that I admire greatly, rx talks about how we as Christians must live with Christ as our center. His talk is not directly related to the question I have written here but it is very relevant.

Dreams Leading Moslems To Accept Jesus Christ In Moslem Predominate Countries

We, tadalafil ailment at times, discount viagra live as if we control the message of the Gospel. We believe if we speak the right words in the right way that we will control the power of the Gospel. But the power of the Gospel resides with the One who has the ability to forgive and restore his people to Himself. And He will get this message of hope and salvation out and open eyes and unplug ears–even through dreams.