Boomers, X-Gen, Y-Gen, Millennial, And Now The We-Gen?

In this linked article the author makes an interesting observation on what the newest generation is valuing and how it is influencing culture. He makes the points that this generation seems to be a moving force for ordinary people banding together. The author writes “For American culture, cialis buy prostate explains Bryan, “us and them,” has been replaced by “we.” He points to the “we-centric” way the millennial generation lives, [sharing] each other’s cars with Uber…each other’s bedrooms with Air BNB…each other’s experience with Periscope, and…each other’s statuses with Facebook.” It seems that technology has minimized the value that previous generations had put on American individualism. Rather technology has enabled people to group together in ways never thought before. Whether this is for good or bad it will be interesting to see in time. For Christians, whatever the result we need to be aware of this cultural shift and begin to communicate Jesus with the “we” in mind.

Wheaton Controversy Reminds Us What Is Distinctive About Christianity: Jesus

There seems to be a conversation going on in some parts of the Christian and Moslem communities about how Christianity and Islam are faiths that are following the same God. This has been highlighted by a professor at an evangelical Christian university. The cultural conversation today seems to be revolve around the perceived need to accommodate all faiths. The problem with this is that Jesus does not fit into these other faiths. Scott McKnight does a good job of outlining the issues and what differentiates Christianity from Islam. Jesus is the stumbling stone. There is no philosophical way to get around this except to ignore Him completely.